Sammie’s Favorite Bones

Sammie has four bones/toys that she plays with regularly. A must in our house is durability – she destroys plushies in a matter of minutes and rope toys in a matter of hours. That being said, her favorites are listed below (from least favorite to most favorite):

4. Fun ‘n’ Fit Nylabone: We originally got this for her so she could chew and clean her teeth simultaneously. However, she doesn’t really chew on it – her preference is to fetch it (and even then it’s second-best).

3. The Classic Kong: She loves this toy, but only if it’s been stuffed. If it hasn’t? Forget about it! She has other toys she likes to play with even more.

2. The Classic Kong Goodie Bone: This is her go-to fetch bone. If she is in a playful mood, this is the bone she brings to let you know about it. This was an excellent gift from her grandpaw and grandmaw!

1. The Galileo Nylabone: Her all-time favorite chew toy, we love it for its durability and because we know she can’t chew off big chunks of it at a time. We went through two of the small versions before we upgraded (at a coworker’s recommendation) to the Galileo.

What are your pets’ favorite kinds of toys? Have any recommendations for us based on Sammie’s preferences? We’re always willing to try something new!!



  1. wallaceandsamuel · July 1, 2015

    We get breakfast in our classic Kongs every morning, so they are high on our list. Mom also bought us each a Nylabone for Easter – I (Sammy) love mine and have given it a good chew on one end, Wally however isn’t particularly interested in his.

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    • Saving Sammie · July 1, 2015

      How interesting! Does Wally have another toy he likes to chew on, then?


      • wallaceandsamuel · July 3, 2015

        Wally LOVES his growing collection of JW toys – the rubber round toys with little feet. He is totally obsessed with them – he likes to “break” their squeakers first and then will randomly chew on which ever one takes his fancy for ages on end. They are great because the rubber is really durable, he has yet to actually pierce or destroy one.

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