Sammie and I arrived at my parents’ house Friday morning, and because she was so excited to see Boomer, we kept her outside practically all day to try and run off that excess energy. As usual, I fell asleep around 9pm while Sammie was outside enjoying a bonfire with everyone else. Some of our neighbors apparently shot off fireworks early, which frightened Boomer enough that he sat leaning against mom, shaking. They tell me that Sammie didn’t even flinch or look for the source. She just accepted the noise as no big deal and continued to lay by the fire.

The next day was no different. As the boys shot off little fireworks, she sat by the girls and watched. I snapped this picture, which I think is absolutely adorable:

German Shepherd watches fireworks

Boomer had to go inside at this point and couldn’t be coaxed back out. He knew what the day was and what it would bring. As night fell and the boys got ready for the BIG fireworks, Sammie remained outside by my mom and me. As soon as the wick was lit (or whatever it is that you light on a firework), Sammie was on high alert. And then, when it shot in the air, she became agitated. At that point, I asked her if she wanted to go in, and she SPRINTED to the front door – I think she was ready. She couldn’t quite figure out why I wasn’t coming in with her, though.

Sammie took Independence Day like a champ, and I’m so incredibly proud of her! We hope your holiday was as uneventful (but fun) as our day was!



  1. Jacklin · July 7, 2015

    what a cute pup!! Just featured my own two pups on my blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lexitheschnauzer · July 7, 2015

    Poor Boomer, brave Sammy!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. wallaceandsamuel · July 8, 2015

    What a brave girl you are Sammie! We feel for poor Boomer.
    Wally & Sammy

    Liked by 1 person

  4. miloandava · July 8, 2015

    Beautiful collar! Love the colours in it 🙂


    • Saving Sammie · July 8, 2015

      Thank you!!! Everyone keeps telling me it’s too girly *eye roll*


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