Friday Funny: Monkey See, Monkey Do

After we finished our pirate adventure on Wednesday, we all went back to Aaron’s family’s lake house to spend some time in the water. While I was floating, Sammie decided she wanted to join me (since she was safe from actually sinking into the water):


She would hop on and off and on again, even making a leap at one point to join me! Well, when Matley (the youngest Boston Terrier) realized what Sammie was doing, she decided SHE wanted to get in on the fun as well. If Sammie jumped on, she jumped on, too. If Sammie decided she wanted off, Matley wanted off, too. There were four people on the float at one point in time (three of them kids), and the dogs STILL decided to join us for a float.

I think we’re going to convince Sammie that water is awesome before it’s all said and done, and then we’re going to have a beach bum on our hands!



  1. lexitheschnauzer · August 7, 2015

    Yea! Sammy got to ride on a sort of boat! When I was first adopted I had a big brother GSD, and a lab had taught him to love the water. He never hesitated to jump in. Maybe seeing another dog do it will get Sammy started.


    • Saving Sammie · August 7, 2015

      We’re working on walking her in to deeper water, but so far, we’ve only gotten her up to her back. She wants to jump in and join us, but she’s scared to take that leap. I think you’re right – she needs a lab for a friend!


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