Friday Funny: Mr. Tubs Gets His Revenge

Don’t let this angelic face fool you! He’s plotting revenge.

Mr. Tubs is FASCINATED by the strings that hang down from the ceiling fans. Obsessed, even. Most mornings, you can hear him following Aaron around, crying to be picked up so he can swat at it (you see who the biggest sucker in the house is!). However, instead of lifting him gently up to reach the string, Aaron has started throwing Tubby up for him to try and get it himself before he lands safely on the bed. Before you think we’re terrible people, the fans are never on when he does that!

Well, Sunday proceeded as usual, but when Aaron threw him up, Tubby landed on my legs – which were still under the covers. I guess he didn’t know what it was he landed on, and it spooked him a little. So he comes slowly over to sniff and figure it out. Just as he gets close, I twitch my foot and send him FLYING across the bed and onto the floor. Aaron and I died laughing, thinking it hilarious! It’s probably then that he started to plot his revenge…

So Wednesday night, I was laying on the couch reading. Tubby comes to snuggle with me and I welcome him joyously. I love nothing more than kitty snuggles! As he gets settled in, he rubs his face on mine, and then reaches out, GRABS MY EARRING, and pulls it clean out of my ear! I was so surprised I could do nothing but call him a terrible name, hoping my earring wasn’t lost in the couch forever. I managed to find it in my shirt, while he was still laying on me, and put it back in my ear.

Tubby – 1, Samantha – 0


One comment

  1. lexitheschnauzer · August 21, 2015

    OMD ad OMC, I will never understand cats. Although Mom and I do play “rats under the covers.” I know it is really her foot, but it is still tons of fun. (schnauzers are ratters). I always stop when she screams, “Ow!” Well, mostly always. It’s a good thing Mr. Tubs didn’t eat your earring!!

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