Friday Funny: Get Off My Lawn!

This actually happened last week, but since I neglected to post last Friday, here it is!

Our upstairs neighbor has two chihuahuas: one barks her little head off every time we step outside, while the other is a sweetheart who used to run up to my car whenever he saw me pull in (he has quit doing it since I got my new car – I don’t think he attributes it to me yet).

We try to avoid letting Sammie out while the ‘babies’ are outside because we don’t want to risk a run-in. Even though Sammie is super friendly, she’s so much bigger than they are and I would hate for her to hurt them on accident. Well, last week – everybody met.

I was headed out to my car with Sammie to go somewhere when she RUSHED up the stairs and into the neighbor’s yard. At that moment, I heard little tiny barks and realized the little ones were out. I hurried behind her so I could grab her, but as I reached the top step, I saw the little male chasing Sammie out of his yard and into our driveway! I don’t think Sammie thought of it as a game, either, because as soon as I opened the car door, she was inside. I started the car and then bent down low so I could praise the brave little warrior for such a heroic deed. Luckily, his owner thought it just as hilarious as I did!


One comment

  1. lexitheschnauzer · September 5, 2015

    You mean chihuahuas are dogs? I thought they were a special kind of rat. That’s why Mom can’t let me loose near one. Seriously. (Mom apologizes to all chihuahua lovers and owners out there with the disclaimer that this is not the opinion of the management.)

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