Friday Funny: First Time Swimmers

Last weekend, we spent the long holiday with my boyfriend’s family at the lake. The weather was beautiful on Saturday, so we took the boat out for a cruise and to swim. Sunday, we were all wiped, so we stayed close to the house and just swam off the dock. We had the big floating chair out again so Sammie could join us on the water, and like last time, Matley (the Boston terrier) decided she wanted to join in the fun. She, Sammie, and Aaron were floating nicely when Matley decided she wanted to get back to her mom and dad. Rather than wait for Aaron to row them all back to the dock, Matley LEAPED off the chair and swam her little heart out to the dock.

Boston Terrier Swimming

I’m sure she probably looked like this when she first dove in. We were all freaking out because she had never swum before and her Boston sister, Addison, sinks like a rock! Luckily, she took to it like a champ and made it without incident to the dock.

Since she was safely on shore, we started making fun of Sammie, telling her that if the little one can do it, she can too! Our taunts didn’t bother her, though, and she kept floating in peace until we all (Sammie included) got out to get more drinks. On our way back in, Sammie decided to jump on to the big chair at that same moment that I had pushed off of it to propel myself out further. Needless to say, she missed and ended up in the water.

Mystery solved: she can swim! She was swimming to the dock when she noticed Aaron in the water and made a beeline to him. Upon reaching him she did this:

German Shepherd Clinging to Person

Aaron scooped her up and swam with her to the dock – it took him pushing from the water and his stepdad pulling from the dock to get her out. Aaron had scratches on his chest from where she dug in with her back claws, and she didn’t get in the water after that. Poor girl… We had hoped her first experience in the lake would be her own choice – SHE WAS GETTING SO CLOSE!!



  1. lexitheschnauzer · September 11, 2015

    So funny! I wonder if Sammy would like a life vest. Does she like clothes?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Saving Sammie · September 11, 2015

      That’s a good question! We don’t know… We have trouble finding clothes that are big enough to fit her.


      • lexitheschnauzer · September 11, 2015

        You could always try a man’s T-shirt on her and see what she does…. just sayin’. Personally, I hate clothes!


      • Saving Sammie · September 11, 2015

        Ohhh… That’s a good idea! I have a feeling she won’t be a big fan, but she forgets about her harness after a while so maybe she’d be fine.

        Lexi, you’re the best!

        Liked by 1 person

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