Friday Funny: This is how we roll

Me coming home yesterday must have been a pretty exciting thing! Sammie came to greet me at the door as usual, and walked me over to Aaron. Before we could reach him, however, she took off SPRINTING down the hallway. Right as I turned to look to see what was going on (I had a pretty good guess), I saw her barrel over a ball of fluff. Literally: one giant, cat-sized ball of fluff.

Sammie chasing the cats (okay, Tubby) is fairly commonplace, but it’s usually down the hallway, and the cats are fast enough that by the time they reach the bedroom or the kitchen/living room they’re free and don’t have to worry about her anymore. In this case, Tubby must have been caught unawares since he didn’t get out of her way or move fast enough to avoid being run over!

I looked at Aaron and told him that Sammie just rolled Tubby, which got us laughing so hard we didn’t even think of checking on the poor guy. Perhaps it was Sammie’s way of celebrating National Cat Day?


  1. lexitheschnauzer · October 30, 2015

    Riley used to roll me – sometimes down a hill!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Saving Sammie · October 30, 2015

      Oh no!! Luckily we don’t have stairs, otherwise they might get rolled down them sometimes :/


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