Friday Funny: Despite the New Puppy….

Their relationship hasn’t changed at all!



  1. adventuresofauntiem · November 20, 2015

    Our lives are sometimes uncannily similar. Last night, at bedtime, the male cat stood on the stairs hissing at the dog, who had been told to go up to bed. The dog looked at me like “seriously— I know you told me ‘go to bed,’ but… seriously?”

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    • Saving Sammie · November 20, 2015

      Hahaha! Sammie loves messing with Tubby. She leaves Frou Frou alone for the most part – I think she knows Tubby tolerates her antics much better 😀


  2. adventuresofauntiem · November 20, 2015

    Ah yes— my female cat is the object of my pup’s affection, and is occasionally amused enough to whack him on the nose. The pup mostly lays at the base of her “throne” and looks at her adoringly. The boys (my male cat and the dog) mostly avoid each other.

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  3. carolynswriting · November 24, 2015

    Last night our big female dog was allowed to touch noses with our female cat with NO hissing or pulling back – it’s only taken 2 years!

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