Weekend Settling

We did so much work on the house on Sunday! The sun room is now box-free and ready for the couch that’s currently in the garage. I tried rearranging the furniture in our actual living room, but I’m still not happy with it. The fireplace is off-center and right next to the doorway to the dining room, so it’s tough to arrange with the furniture we have. I have more ideas, so we’ll see if I can enlist Aaron to help me tonight (otherwise I’ll be dragging everything around Tuesday night while he’s at work – and I don’t want to hurt the wood floors!).

All the animals have settled in nicely now, even the cats. Sammie last night tried to do her zoomies in the house like she used to do in the apartment, and found that she couldn’t get the traction she needed! She used up all her momentum just trying to run in a circle in the living room. She was slipping and sliding every which way, scrambling to try and move her body – it was hilarious! Even funnier has been Emma. I’ll save THAT story for Friday, though *wink wink*.

Speaking of Emma, she LOVES Sammie – I think Sammie has surpassed me in coolness. Wherever Sammie is, that’s where Emma wants to be.


It’s absolutely adorable! And I now have more (ish) room to stretch out at night. Don’t worry, though – she’s still a total momma’s girl and comes crawling to me for loving.

Isn’t that adorable?! Ahh! Love this little girl.



  1. Daisy C Chan · December 8, 2015

    So precious!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. noodle4president · December 8, 2015

    We LOVE Emma! Is she a dachshund mix?

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  3. lexitheschnauzer · December 9, 2015

    Mom loves the first picture. It is good to have best friends you can lay around with! I am glad Emma’s leg is all better and you were so smart to take off that splint. My toe is better now too and I am not licking it any more, so I dont have to wear the sock, BOL!

    Liked by 1 person

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