Emma has really settled in well since we brought her home almost two months ago. Not only has she gotten HUGE (she is all legs and a round puppy belly), she’s learned a lot:

  1. She loves to chew and play with Sammie, and they are absolutely fun to watch together.
  2. She has finally conquered the stairs! Last week, she climbed all the way up and all the way down by herself. Like we predicted, she’s become difficult to contain ever since.
  3. She’s now big enough that she can jump up on the couches (most of the time – sometimes, she still fails).
  4. She has caught on to ‘sit’ very quickly, and we’ve moved on to ‘stay’ now. She won’t keep in a ‘stay’ if we pour her food into her bowl on the ground, but she does keep a ‘stay’ when we pour the food up high and have her wait to eat after we’ve set it down.

Things to work on in the future:

  1. Socialization with other dogs. We tried putting her with our neighbor’s dog Pepper (not the one that Sammie got) that she plays with through the fence, but she whined and hid until we got her back on our side of the fence. Then, it was game-on again. However, we’re traveling for Christmas, so she’ll have lots of opportunities to play with other dogs in the next few days. We’re anxious to see how Sammie will react (and will keep her in her kennel until we’re sure).
  2. Potty training. This week, she got off in her potty schedule, so she has been having a lot more accidents than usual. We had her in her kennel overnight, and I saw her poop this morning before I went to work, so I hope we’re back to a more normal routine!
  3. Not biting Sammie so much! Every time we go outside with the girls, Emma bites on Sammie’s ankles and body. She also gets in front of her and distracts Sammie from what they need to be doing – pottying! I’ve tried distracting her by asking her to sit, throwing a ball, etc., which seems to work, but only in the short term.
  4. Leash manners. Both girls need work on this. I just want to be able to take them for a walk around the neighborhood and in the nearby park without losing one or both of them from Sammie’s need to chase all the squirrels and Emma’s desire to chew on/through the leash.

Thanks for being on this journey with us, and if you have any training tips, I’m all ears!


Merry Christmas Eve!!




  1. lexitheschnauzer · December 24, 2015

    OMD, look how happy Sammy and Emma look together! Oh, Mom said a pinch collar will work to keep them from pulling on the leash. It sure works on me! (Sorry, girls.)

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  2. noofmitchell · December 30, 2015

    Nice to see them sleeping together.

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  3. carolynswriting · January 5, 2016

    Our trainer suggested a short sharp jerk on the leash to get the dog’s attention, but it has to be very sharp & short, a very quick release. He did it perfectly, we took some time to learn it! Also use a word or sound (not their name) like ‘heel!’ at the same time. It’s harder with two & distractions, but yours are still quite young! You & your hubby need to be on the same wavelength with how you do it, too, if you both walk them. Only do it for a short part of the walk, to avoid exhaustion (on their behalf but also yours!) and reward with a quick pat & soft voice, and/or treat if you carry them. Takes some work! (plus add the pinch collar as above or a ‘choker’ chain, or Halti, if they continue to pull very hard. 🙂

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    • Saving Sammie · January 5, 2016

      Thanks, Carolyn!! I read such conflicting things online about proper training technique that it’s always good to hear from people who have successfully done it themselves!

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      • carolynswriting · January 5, 2016

        That’s not to say it worked all that well on our old dogs – the trainer managed it beautifully (it’s just to get their attention onto you & not what they’re lunging at) but we weren’t so successful! But we do have mostly peaceful walks these days 😉

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