Snow Day

We recently got another day of snow, and the pups enjoyed a morning romp while I shivered in the cold.

Inside the house wasn’t much warmer – our furnace’s ignition went out, and it got down to 45F before they finally got the part in and fixed it. We felt super lucky that we have a gas fireplace that we can “fire” up in those situations!

Also, I know I haven’t been posting as much as I normally do. It’s my busy season at work, and I think of my evenings as family time. I’ll be posting as regularly as I can!



  1. lexitheschnauzer · January 21, 2016

    These are great pictures. Glad my friends had such fun in the snow. I love it too, but don’t see too much of it in TN. Maybe tomorrow, though…

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  2. carolynswriting · January 23, 2016

    Goodness, glad you got the furnace fixed! Great photos šŸ™‚

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