Fluoxetine for Cats

I got the fluoxetine for Frou-Frou from the local apothecary, and she hates taking it so much that I don’t give it to her regularly. Only when I think about it and she looks like she can take the torture.

Because that’s what it looks like when I give it to her – torture.

Most of the time, fluoxetine comes in 10 mg capsules. Frou-Frou needs .35 mg, so her fluoxetine is a liquid that came in a small, brown glass vial. I was surprised the first time I drew from it how oily it is!

To give it to her, I pick Frou up and I squirt the liquid in her mouth, and I hold her and pet her and tell her how great she did. Then I set her down and she immediately starts to foam at the mouth. She shakes her head and sticks her tongue out and her spittle lands on her fur and wherever she stands. It doesn’t last long, but I hate watching it all happen.

I was so worried that I was doing it wrong that I googled it, and it seems to be a fairly common occurrence. I guess it tastes really bitter! But it must be worth it, because she hasn’t had any relapses since I last took her to the vet, and those other cats made improvements when they started on fluoxetine, too.

So for now, Frou is eating the C/D diet cat food, I’m adding water to it during her meals, and – when I can stand it – I give her a dosage of fluoxetine.



  1. Cupcake · June 9, 2016

    Why does she need Fluoxetine?


    • Sam · June 9, 2016

      She’s been having recurring FLUTD issues that haven’t been helped anymore by her medicated cat food. The vet’s office hoped this would help to calm her and keep her from being FLUTD until we can try a different cat food.


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