Party Time!

We held a party over the weekend to celebrate our marriage with extended family and friends. So many people showed up, and it was a really great time! We decided that with all the people around, it would be best to leave the pups back home, and with everyone who would normally watch them coming, we boarded them at the vet’s office again.

I pick them up today after work, and I am so excited to see them! We had no cell service at the party, so I couldn’t call to check on them. Plus, Emma is getting groomed (shampoo’d, brushed, and trimmed), and I anticipate that she will look like a new puppy!

Don’t worry, guys, I’ll post pictures! Here are a couple “before” pictures from this past week:



  1. lifewith3dogsblog · August 29, 2016

    You guys have a really nice fenced in back yard! I bet the pups love it

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    • Sam · August 29, 2016

      Thank you! They really do. Sammie tends to be on patrol while she’s out there – she has to keep all the squirrels out of the yard, you know. Emma spends her whole time trying to goad Sammie into playing with her, haha!

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  2. noodle4president · August 29, 2016

    Emma is just ginormous now!

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    • Sam · August 29, 2016

      Yeah she is!! It’s hard to believe she’s the same dog we brought home all those months ago…

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  3. tippysmom2 · August 29, 2016

    Celebrating your marriage…was it an anniversary or a recent marriage? If you had blogged about getting married, I missed it. LOL At any rate, congratulations are in order!

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    • Sam · August 30, 2016

      Thank you! We got married at the end of June in a very small, private ceremony. So we threw a party to celebrate with everyone else!!

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