“Look what I’ve got!”



  1. Nikitaland · October 26, 2016

    Cool toys, but it also looks like Sammie got a paint brush too! LOL (is Sammie learning how to paint?)

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    • Sam · October 26, 2016

      Haha! It does look that way, but no… No hidden talents have been revealed quite yet.


      • Tails Around the Ranch · October 26, 2016

        I thought there was a paint brush near his feet too! Just give him time-before you know it he’ll be “Paw-casso” in no time. 😉

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      • Sam · October 26, 2016

        Hahaha! That would be awesome! I see the tv appearances now…

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      • Nikitaland · November 1, 2016

        OMG….I think you should unroll some canvas and let your dogs do some dabbling in some paint! You just never know their hidden talent! It could make a perfect Christmas gift for someone!!!!

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      • Sam · November 2, 2016

        That’s a good idea!!


      • Nikitaland · November 2, 2016

        I always wanted to do this with Nikita and Bella to see what they “make”, but just never got around to doing it. It would be a mess to clean up, but I think of the “conversation” it would bring up when company comes over! Hey guys…..our dogs made this!!!!

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      • Sam · November 2, 2016

        Haha I’ve been trying to figure out the best (and easiest to clean off of fur) paint to use…


      • Nikitaland · November 7, 2016

        Just get em in the bathtub right afterwards!

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  2. Miss Harper Lee · October 26, 2016

    The toy in the other dog’s mouth is always the best toy. 😉

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  3. lifewith3dogsblog · October 26, 2016

    toys toys toys!

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  4. Genevieve Petrillo · October 26, 2016

    A ball and a frisbee. Those are fun, running toys! Time for some zoomies.

    Love and licks,

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    • Sam · October 27, 2016

      You are so right, Cupcake!!


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