Emma’s Growth

Our little baby has changed so much since the day we brought her home with us – she’s curlier, her fur is lighter, and she’s so much BIGGER!



  1. Vicki · March 16

    She’s a little big to hold now!

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  2. Life With 3 Dogs · March 16

    She’s still cute as a button 🙂

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  3. Amy · March 16

    She looked like a little dachsund puppy. Then she started to grow — fast!!


    • Sam · March 16

      So true! For her first visit at the vet, they put her down as a dachshund. Then when she came back, they changed it to poodle mix 😉

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  4. Cupcake · March 16

    WOW! Big, beautiful girl! xoxo

    Love and licks,

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  5. Squee….freakin’ adorable is what she is!

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  6. tippysmom2 · March 19

    It amazes me as to how fast dogs grow. She is adorable, then and now!

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