Turmeric for Dogs

Sammie’s paws are just so itchy all the time, so when we heard about turmeric being a good anti-inflammatory for dogs, we had to try it out. We’re not very consistent about it, which is probably why I haven’t seen any results, but the after-effects are totally adorable, especially on Emma since she has a slight beard:

Have any of you used turmeric with success? I’d love to hear your tips/tricks!



  1. Miss Harper Lee · August 10

    Poor Emma. It must be hard for her to sneak eat anything with that little beard/evidence collector. We made some treats several years ago with turmeric. Here’s a link: https://thek9harperlee.wordpress.com/2014/02/11/playing-cupid-in-the-kitchen/. We haven’t used turmeric consistently enough to see any effects, but the treats were a big hit . . . and easy.

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  2. Laurel · August 13

    Love it. I’ll try it in my itchy little dog šŸ™‚

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    • Sam · August 14

      Be sure you Google what would be an appropriate amount for him/her! I also wonder if I’m not seeing a difference because we’re not giving her enough.


  3. noofmitchell · August 14

    I make a special paw balm with avocado oil (3 tbsp.), coconut oil (3 tbsp.), essence of calendula (3 tbsp.) and bees wax (3 oz.) that helps soothe Bailey’s itchy skin between the paws. Smells really good. I take turmeric pills and Bailey gets it in a paste form to keep joints healthy. I found that it took about 3 months before any improvements happened.

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    • Sam · August 14

      Oohh.. Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to try that balm. It’s really only Sammie’s feet that bother her (the next trick will be getting her to let me rub balm on her paws…)

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