Happy National Puppy Day!

Happy National Puppy Day from my two! Hope you’re snuggling or playing or doing what makes you happiest 😊



I’m sorry we’ve been gone for so long! My duties have changed again at work, it’s my busy season, and when I get home, the last thing I want to do is use my brain. Terrible, right?

The weather right now is in this weird in-between time when it could be snowing one day, sunny and in the mid to upper 50s the next. It makes it hard to plan a good outing. We’re all definitely ready to spend more time outdoors!

I just bought our girls these new toys from Westpaw and I’ve been really impressed with them so far! They’re super durable, so I don’t worry about leaving them in their kennels while we’re gone for the day, but not so durable that they make tons of noise on the hardwoods when the girls play with them. Perfect combo!

We hope all is well with you, and we would love to hear about any new “discoveries” you’ve made recently.