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Friday Funny: Sammie the Destroyer

Remember how I told you Sammie’s been doing really well being out all day? Well, her ‘good’ streak has come to a sad, sad ending. However, we blame ourselves. We haven’t been exercising her enough this week.

At lunch on Tuesday, Aaron came home to find a ball of steel wool in the middle of the living room, shavings ALL over the floor. That’s not the worst part, though – there was also a pair of my undies that had been chewed through! Maybe it’s too much to tell you this, but they were one of my favorites, too…

We didn’t scold her too badly. Like I said, it was our fault for not taking her on her evening walks. At this point, I should have put my clothes away (does any one else clean laundry and fold it and then just have so much trouble actually putting it away???), but I didn’t. I thought it was a one time thing.

Boy was I wrong.

The next day at lunch, we found that she had not only found the pair she had chewed up the day before, but she had chewed up ANOTHER pair of my undies and had POKED HOLES in another. She wouldn’t look at me. Didn’t even come to greet me at the door.

Needless to say, I put up my clothes right then and there.

Giant Hairball

I was looking at Tubby the other night when I realized his fur was looking a little long and unkempt. He hates being brushed. I’m not sure why – he HAS to feel better afterward – but he cries and complains and tries to get away as soon as I pull out the brush.

The result speaks for itself, though:


ONE cat! Can you believe it? And I probably could have gotten another bunch that big out of him if I hadn’t let him go. Frou had gotten a good brushing not too long before from Aaron, so she was spared the ‘torture’.

Then, when I brushed Sammie last night, I focused on the area near her butt (for whatever reason, she sheds more there than she does from the rest of her body), and from just a few minutes, pulled out a chunk of hair about half the size pictured. When we went outside a few minutes later, I was STILL pulling hair out just from petting her!

No wonder our vacuum fills up every week with hair.

Hide ‘n Seek

In a house with two cats and a dog, plastic grocery bags are essential for cleaning up excrement and throw up. We save them all, and they tend to take up a lot of room under the sink where we store them. However, I recently found a tutorial on Pinterest on how to fold those bags so they take up less room and decided to give it a try. Of course, the animals were super curious about what I was doing, and the cats (Tubby, really) thought I got all the bags out for them:

I ended up getting about 12 bags folded before calling it a day. The pile is daunting and will take me a while. A little here, a little there, though, and it’ll be done before I know it!