I think Lina has officially been accepted as a permanent member of the family! Though Tubby has been patient with her from the very beginning.


Lina Cuddles

Lina is not the most affectionate cat. She tends to desire pets and cuddles at night when we’ve gone to bed. However, we had her spayed on Tuesday, and ever since she came home on Wednesday, she has been incredibly loving.

I’ve taken the last two weeks off of work so I can do some things around the house and take a much-needed break. On my last day of vacation, I’ve decided to spend time with Lina and a book. I’m just so happy she wants to cuddle as much as I do!

World, Meet Selina

Lina for short

Lina was found by one of my husband’s friends. I’m not sure how long he was taking care of her, but one day my hubby said, “I was going to surprise you in about a week, but my friend found a kitten…”

We picked her up on Saturday and brought her home. She had something going on with her tail, but it was so matted I couldn’t see exactly what. Her coat was a little shiny, her ears seemed clean, her eyes were clear, and she was SO SWEET. I immediately fell in love.

I got her a vet appointment on Monday, and as soon as those ladies saw her, they also fell in love. You see, she’s polydactyl on ALL FOUR PAWS. 22 toes, if you can believe it. So while they fawned over her, they checked out her tail. The tip of it was basically scalped. So after much to-do, they got it bandaged and proceeded with the rest of the exam. She was pronounced otherwise healthy at 2.7 pounds and sent home with flea and deworming treatments.

She’s been hanging out in our bathroom ever since so the rest of the crew can get used to her smells and sounds, while also staying away so we don’t get a flea infestation or spread the worms to everyone else. Lina has been an angel, though, using the litter box without any trouble. Today, she and Emma even booped noses!

She’s also incredibly snuggly and playful, and I can’t wait until she can be out and about so I can snuggle her more regularly. We have a follow-up vet visit next Friday to see how her tail is healing (we have to change the bandage every other day, which is more difficult than it would appear). Please send good vibes that it heals without trouble and doesn’t need to be amputated!