Hidey Hole

The other day, I was working on my couch when I heard this shuffling sound. When I looked behind me, I saw Tubby attempting to get inside an unzipped backpack.

As you can see, his attempts were successful. Unfortunately, my attention brought the attention of his puppy sisters, so he didn’t stay in there too long.


Doggie Day Care

I was headed home from dropping my kid off at daycare when I saw a dog in the street. Cars were having to slow down to avoid hitting it, so I immediately pulled over and approached.

She bared her teeth a bit, so I was cautious, but her entire body was also telling me she was so happy to have someone paying attention to her. I got close and realized her chain had broken. I checked her collar and there wasn’t a tag, so I loaded her up in my vehicle and took her home!

My neighbor posted her picture on Facebook and I posted a photo on Nextdoor. While we waited, I took her to my vet to be checked for a microchip (none). A little later, someone reached out who recognized her!

My phone number was given, and the pup’s mom reached out to me. I said the name she provided and this pup was like, “That’s me!!” Her mom is working until noon, so I’ve got her until then.

I introduced my pups one at a time, and everyone is getting along great. This girl is so sweet and just wants to be close to people. We tried bringing her in to a portion of the house, but she tinkled, so we’re just going to spend the morning outside. I’m so disappointed 😉😁