Training This Puppy is Hard Work

Those of you that have been following along for a while know that our desire to get another dog stemmed from the belief that Sammie needed a playmate. While her people topped her list of the coolest guys around, second on the list were other dogs.

Since bringing Emma home, I feel confident that we did the right thing by Sammie. She is trim, she chews on her paws less frequently (although when she does, she still goes to town), and she sleeps ALL THE TIME:

I think Emma wears her out! Their constant playing is adorable, and I just love when they finally curl up together for a nap (probably because Emma wants to be as close to Sammie as possible and it’s the cutest!).



  1. Nikitaland · January 12, 2016

    Words cannot express enough how sweet and adorable these photo’s are! 💜

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    • Saving Sammie · January 12, 2016

      Thanks, Nikitaland! We’ve missed you around here…


      • Nikitaland · January 13, 2016

        Aw, thank you! I took a break from blogging for a bit, but I will be coming back in full force real soon! I do agree that all doggies need a “buddy” to be with! Nikita and Bella are best of friends and love each other so much!

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  2. lexitheschnauzer · January 12, 2016

    Yep, you’ve got your pack there. So glad they are besties. Beasties? No, besties!

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  3. noodle4president · January 13, 2016

    Clearly you did a better job picking out a sibling for Sammie than Mom did for me. Snarky? No, not me…BOL! *ear licks*


    • Saving Sammie · January 14, 2016

      I still think your mom did well by you… Molly can’t help that she was grumpy because she was hurting!

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      • noodle4president · January 14, 2016

        Oh, I wasn’t talking about Molly. I was talking about dumb-dumb Macy! Most.annoying.big little sister. EVER!

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      • Saving Sammie · January 14, 2016

        Hahaha! Well…… She’ll grow out of it (hopefully) eventually!

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  4. firehorsegirl · January 19, 2016

    This is a heart-warming post! I can relate to the hard work part. I just posted about our puppy. It’s tough but rewarding, as you well know. Our puppy’s causing one of my cats to anxiously lick off some of her belly fur. I’m hoping they can get along soon. 😁

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    • Saving Sammie · January 20, 2016

      Oh my goodness, he is beautiful! I’ve never seen a GSD like him before. My fiancee is amazing with the dogs and has done most of the formal training, but I’d say Sammie has done her fair share as well 😉

      Good luck to you with your cats! I’ve found that letting mine have a “safe place” where they can escape from the dogs is best for everyone.

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      • firehorsegirl · January 20, 2016

        Thank you! There are plenty like him in the Czech Republic and lots of folks are starting to import them. Also, I agree about the safe place. My cats don’t get along but now they have this big, gangly interloper! Oy!

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      • Saving Sammie · January 20, 2016

        You’ll have to keep up posted on how it all works out!

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  5. carolynswriting · January 20, 2016

    I suspect Sammie is sleep-drooling in that photo, which I can relate to! Poor darling, she works hard 🙂

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